R&D Strength

To strengthen the research and development strength, our company cooperated with Harbin Electric Power Generation Equipment National Engineering Research Centre Co., Ltd., Water Company of Harbin Boiler Factory and Tianjin University to study the coupling mechanism of large-scale wind power with power consumption industry, etc. Based on “10,000T off-grid wind power seawater desalination project”, the design of microgrid system, the choice of key equipments, the research on RTDS semi-physical experiment, the debugging of electronic control integration system as well as other works are carried out. During that the key technologies of microgrid system and off-grid wind power generation are mastered. The water company of Harbin Boiler Factory worked with Harbin University of Industry and other well-known institutions as well as Hyflux in Singapore and other famous foreign water enterprises, actively developing the new technologies and new products of seawater desalination, power plant water treatment, industrial water treatment, urban water supply, urban sewage treatment, reclaimed water recycling, etc.

Besides, Fenghai company also established Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Desalination Engineering Technology Research Centre—the intelligent microgrid and seawater desalination R&D centre of provincial level integrating R&D, service and so on. The buildings of this centre cover an area of 24,720 square meters with 6,987 square meters building area. It is frame structure of four-floor main body. The R&D building is equipped with laboratories to perform related experiments and inspection on microgrid and seawater desalination. CNSG, Harbin Electric Corporation, TDQS, Changzhou Huake New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and other organizations relevant to the desalination industry and the microgrid technology industry have successively entered this centre to carry out the scientific research work.


Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Centre for New Energy Desalination is a desalination technology research and development centre integrating R&D, services, etc. into a whole. The water quality monitoring and multifunctional water formula laboratory equipped with the advanced scientific instruments is arranged on the first floor of the centre main building; the offices for Jiangsu Branch of National Engineering Research Centre of Harbin Power Equipment Corporation coordinating the introduction of technical projects for Harbin Harbin Power Equipment Corporation and promoting the technical research results to be industrialized are arranged on the second floor; the offices for cooperators introduced by the centre carrying out the theoretical research, guiding the research and development of new processes, new technologies and new products are arranged on the third floor; the offices for Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. being capable of exploring the international market and having the overseas export qualification are arranged on the fourth floor; the technology research and development hall is arranged on the right of the main building, showing the technical principle of the desalination, the technological achievements and the development direction of the upstream and downstream related industries. The auxiliary office building is arranged on the left of the main building: the meeting centre is arranged on the first floor, where the lecture hall is arranged to facilitate the academic conference exchanges; the mess hall is arranged on the second floor; the express hotel level dormitory area is arranged on the third floor.

With Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Desalination Development Co., Ltd. as the main body, National Engineering Research Centre of Harbin Power Equipment Corporation as the specific implementation company, Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Desalination Development Co., Ltd. takes the lead to establish the combo formed by the domestic relevant superior powers to make their respective advantages complementary and undertake the research of the relevant subjects by combining industry, university and research and fully utilizing the existing foundation. The scientific research, design, production and application interactive R&D innovation system is formed by introducing the competition mechanism, optimizing the selection of undertakers for various research contents, regularly evaluating the project subject, adopting the node control and providing continuous support. The leading role of the government, the basic role of market in the resource allocation and the main role of enterprises in the technology innovation, the backbone and leading roles of national research institutions and the foundation and powerhouse roles of universities are played.