Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Seawater Desalination Development Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2013, located in Dafeng Port Economic Development Zone, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. It is a joint venture funded by State Grid (State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd., State Grid International Development Co., Ltd.), Jiangsu Dafeng Harbor Holdings Limited, Jiangsu Govtor Capital Co., Ltd., China National Salt Industry Corporation, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, Harbin Power Equipment National Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 288 million yuan and registered capital of 240 million yuan.

The company’s core technology of “grid-isolated wind power and desalination integrated system and method” has been granted China invention patent and appraised with international advanced level by China High-Tech Industrialization Association as scientific and technological achievements; and the 10,000m3/d new energy powered desalination complete equipment is identified as “the first set of major equipment product of Jiangsu Province”.

The company has two major business lines: new energy micro-grid and desalination equipment, OCEAN AQUA series products and water dispenser. At present, the company’s new energy micro-grid and desalination equipment is applied in one of the Xisha Islands of Hainan Province, the islands of Maldives, etc. OCEAN AQUA series products have shown up in AIIB, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, high-speed rail and several major conferences (including Yangtze River Delta Comprehensive Transportation Development Conference, Jiangsu Development Summit, China Internet Conference).

Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Seawater Desalination Development Co., Ltd. It is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, demonstration and promotion of integrated technologies for seawater desalination. The company is committed to the R&D and industrialized development of new energy powered desalination technology, design and manufacture of “smart micro-grid and desalination integrated equipment” and the provision of EPC services, playing a leading and demonstration role in the application and popularization of new-energy desalination technology.

Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Seawater Desalination Development Co., Ltd. has built up the second batch of national seawater desalination industry pilot city, national marine economic innovation development zone demonstration, Harbin Electric Corporation power generation equipment state engineering research center Jiangsu sub branch, state seawater utilization engineering technology research center Jiangsu branch, China Salt salt manufacturing engineering technology academy Dafeng branch, etc. Jiangsu new energy seawater desalination engineering centre has been established together with information and automation laboratory, product and process flow laboratory, testing room and so on. All necessary devices like design, experiment and testing devices are all equipped as well. A project laboratory integrating functions including design, test, inspection and industrialization is set up targeting advanced technology of seawater desalination home and abroad to implement theoretical research and provide guidance for new process, technology and product development, based on which Jiangsu energy structure is promoted, energy saving and emission reduction target is reached to achieve good social benefits.