Scientific Research Project
1. 10,000m3/d scientific research project

Based on the research findings of the basic theory of large-scale micro-grid wind power system, the 10,000m3/d scale new energy powered seawater desalination demonstration project is supported by various advanced technology integrations to realize resource conversion and energy utilization for desalination. On 15th March, 2014, the micro-grid integrated system has been stably supplying electricity to seawater desalination workshop. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd pass reverse osmosis systems of desalination workshop were successfully debugged to yield water.

Smart micro-grid wind power seawater desalination integrated system combines wind power with seawater desalination. It is a new exploration and attempt, and is a technology initiative in the world. The integration of micro-grid with wind power can not only solve on-grid, off-grid and abandon problem of wind power generator, but also make green energy directly used for desalination to reduce the coal consumption for the grid power and the greenhouse gas emission, not only having significant economic benefits, but also good social and environmental benefits. Under the circumstance that the energy and water resources are short of supply in the world, this technology integration bears a very important strategic meaning.

The system is suitable for desalination plants with a daily capacity of over 2,000 m3. Without any support of grid power, the system is composed of wind turbine or photovoltaic power station, energy storage batteries and diesel generator to form a micro-grid power supply system, providing steady electricity for the desalination equipment coordinated and controlled by energy management system.

2. Containerized micro-grid seawater desalination system project

The containerized micro-grid seawater desalination system is a small-size wind, power and water integrated complete equipment developed and promoted to the market by Jiangsu Fenghai according to the design and operation experience of 10,000m3/d micro-grid desalination project. The system supports isolated power operation, which is independent of grid power, directly uses wind energy, solar energy and other clean energies to generate power to produce high-quality drinking water and supply stable power. The system has the advantages of overall transportation, rapid assembly and no field debugging, etc., which is suitable for supplying domestic water and power to inland, coastal areas, high seas and isolated islands where are short of fresh water and coverage of grid power.

The complete equipment is suitable for desalinating 2,000 m3 or less seawater per day. Fenghai company has launched the containerized product series with daily capacity ranging from 50 to 2,000 m3 to meet domestic and oversea market demands.