China initiates desalination by new energy
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China initiates desalination by new energy

In recent years, a successful transformation from “made in China” to “China intelligent manufacturing” has been seen with China’s growing economy, significantly enhanced comprehensive national strength and rising international standing.

The Republic of Maldives is a key country along the Maritime Silk Road with favorable wind and solar resources, but the islands are desperately short of fresh water. To develop and consolidate friendship with developing countries, safeguard national interests and security, and promote bilateral economic and trade relations, China assisted the Maldives in the construction of five sets of new energy micro-grid desalination equipment on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Maldives. The project will effectively alleviate the clean water demand of the Maldivian people.

It is reported that Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Seawater Desalination Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the China-aid desalination project to the Maldives. As a leading new energy seawater desalination company, Fenghai company holds a number of invention and utility model patents. Among them, the core technologies of “isolated grid wind power desalination integrated system and method” and “containerized micro-grid desalination technology” have been granted the Chinese invention patents, and appraised by the China High-tech Industrialization Association as scientific and technological achievements with the international advanced level. Its 10,000m3/d new energy desalination equipment was identified as “the first major equipment product (set) in Jiangsu Province”, and the new energy desalination equipment was awarded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and entered the United Nations global government purchase list.

As introduced, Fenghai company set up a dedicated team after project commencement, and tailor designed five new energy power generation systems and desalination systems with 100m3/d fresh water production according to the actual situation of the inhabited islands in Maldives.

It is said that the five sets of desalination equipment adopt the world’s leading new energy intelligent micro-grid coupling technology for proper utilization of the local wind and solar resource advantages. The seawater desalination is powered by wind and solar energy featured by an open power supply mode, overall planning and design to realize the operation control of micro-grid system, energy optimization management, smooth output of distributed power supply and other functions, to ensure the stable, reliable, efficient and economic operation of micro-grid system. The whole system can not only be gradually expanded with the development of local economy, but also incorporate the local power source and load with the characteristics of miniaturization, intelligence and security, one-click start and stop and remote monitoring.

By October 2022, the micro-grid seawater desalination projects on two of the islands have been successfully completed. Each set of equipment can address the daily water demand of about 2,000 people, effectively solving the access to fresh water for production and living for the local residents. Projects on other islands are also under construction.