Please keep a distance like this . .
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With the COVID-19 epidemic becomes more and more severe,

“Social Distance” has turned to one of the most frequently used words recently.

To make the concept of “Social Distance” engraved in the public’s mind,

many countries have taken a series of hardcore measures.

Singapore introduced a new regulation: In public places, those who do not keep a distance of one meter will be imprisoned.

South Africa responded to the epidemic in a "barbaric" way: those who do not keep a safe distance in a queue will be targeted by rubber bullets directly.

Many companies and institutions have joined the action by releasing temporary "epidemic-specific logos" online.


Faced with these creative logos with warning meanings, netizens made their imaginations while liked them.
A       distance       shall       be       kept       between       words       as       well


HERE,      JIANGSU      FENGHAI      would      like      to      remind      you      that
Distance        lights        up        your        beauty        .







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