Kaishan Island Project Report 2: commenced successfully
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The 10m3/day desalination project in Kaishan Island is commenced successfully

In the Yellow Sea outpost of China, Kaishan Island, a small island with an area of only 0.013 square kilometers, stands in the vast sea outside the Yanwei port of Guanyun county, Jiangsu. It is uninhabited island without electricity and fresh water, overgrown with weeds, prevailed with howling wind, which is inaccessible and in extremely difficult condition. “The Model of the Times” Wang Jicai and his wife Wang Shihua have overcome the difficulties that ordinary people can hardly imagine and guarded the island for 32 years. They guard the island and make contributions without regrets, writing an extraordinary life chapter in their ordinary posts.
According to the plan of the construction of Kaishan Island by the Guanyun County People’s Government of Lianyungang City, Kaishan Island will be built into an influential patriotic education base throughout the province and the whole country. In order to meet the demand for electricity consumption in Kaishan Island in the future, the company and the State Grid Jiangsu Power Design Consulting Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Guanneng Power Engineering Co., Ltd. formed a consortium to jointly participate in the construction of a wind-solar-stored power hybrid smart micro-grid desalination project. Solar and wind energy are applied while integrating the existing water and power supply on the island to solve the problem of shortage of domestic water and electricity consumption on the island.

The Kaishan Island is only about two football fields’ size. It is bun-shaped with strange stones and steep slopes. The large equipment is unable to be hoisted on the site, which has to be shouldered by manpower after being pulled to the dock by the boat. The difficulty of construction can be imagined. Before the start of the project, the company organized the specialized expert team to conduct on-the-spot investigations for several times. They repeatedly demonstrated and carefully planned the proposal making full use of the rich renewable resources advantages of Kaishan Island, and created a scientific and reasonable water supply solution for Kaishan Island to meet the long-term stable and reliable water supply demand of Kaishan Island in the future.
On May 8, 2019, the construction of the project officially started. In order to provide good drinking water for the people on the island as soon as possible, the construction workers raced against time and work hard from 4 a.m. every day. The steep terrain of Kaishan Island has caused great difficulties to the construction. Equipment lifting cannot be carried out in one step. The equipment can only be hoisted to the open area of the platform, and then the construction personnel manually transport the materials to the installation site in batches.

At the same time, the harsh environment on the island has brought great inconvenience to the living of the construction workers. The inconvenience not only lies in the lack of water and electricity but also the bad sleeping conditions. They can only accommodate in an abandoned house with cracked walls, without windows or doors. To catch up the construction progress, they continuously worked for more than ten hours a day before eating the first hot meal. The food that was hard to swallow become a rare delicacy there.
On May 12, when Ms Wang Shihua went to the island to grow green plants she came to the construction site specially. After tasting the company’s “OCEAN AQUA” purified water, she was very satisfied with the taste. The construction staff told her, “In the future, the water on the island will be the same as this water, and you don’t have to worry about water shortage any more.” Ms Wang was very moved and expressed her gratitude.

The Kaishan Island project meets the power demand in a clean and green way. The desalination system will completely solve the water problem for the the islanders. Kaishan Island will also inspire the company’s staff to always practice the company’s mission and development philosophy, fully demonstrate the responsibility of “small company, high pursuits”, making it a hot land for patriotism education and letting the spirit of the Model of the Times lead the company to the development road of the new times.