Kaishan Island Project Report 1: to be launched
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The technical seminar of the micro-grid project in Kaishan Island Patriotism Education Base was successfully held in Jiangsu Fenghai.

According to the plan of the construction of Kaishan Island by the Guanyun County People’s Government of Lianyungang City, it is planned to build Kaishan Island into an influential party education base, national defense education base and patriotic education base throughout the province and even the whole country.

On December 27, 2018, a total of fifteen people from the State Grid Lianyungang Power Supply Company, Guanyun County Government, related equipment enterprises, scientific research units and technical application departments visited Jiangsu Fenghai. Subsequently, a special technical seminar on the micro-grid project of the Kaishan Island Patriotism Education Base was held in the company’s multimedia conference room. During the meeting, experts discussed the technical solutions adopted in this project (DC power distribution research, key technologies of AC/DC hybrid distribution network, DC micro-grid power distribution system, etc.). Through in-depth communication with the participants, the meeting preliminarily identified the scale, form, and duration of the project.

As the leader of the domestic new-energy seawater desalination industry, Jiangsu Fenghai will make full use of the rich renewable resources advantages of Kaishan Island to build a smart micro-grid desalination system for wind and solar storage, and realize comprehensive energy utilization of off-grid islands for islanders. And the daily operation of the patriotic education base provides high-quality power supply and water supply services. In view of the problem of abnormal sea turbidity and large sediment content around Kaishan Island, Jiangsu Fenghai has designed a specific desalination process plan. The system has added sloping plate sedimentation tank pretreatment and sand filter pretreatment system to ensure that the water production is in line with national living water standard.

The application of the wind-solar-stored power intelligent micro-grid desalination system in the Lianyungang Kaishan Island project provides a solution for exploring and solving the problem of lack of freshwater resources on islands and isolated islands.

Editor’s Notes: Kaishan Island is located in the outpost of the Yellow Sea, covering an area of only 0.013 square kilometers. It is 12 nautical miles from the Yanwei Port of Guanyun County and is in a strategic position. The former director of the Kaishan Island militia post and the former secretary of the Party branch of the Kaishan Island Village, Wang Jicai, was ordered to defend the island for 32 years. He dedicated the island to his homeland for the cause of sea defense. He said that “the guard of the island is the guard of home and country.” He devoted his life to hand over a loyal answer to the party and the people. In August 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions on Comrade Wang Jica’s advanced deeds. The nation began to learn the spirit of Wang Jicai’s spirit. The spirit of Wang Jicai has become the value orientation of the strugglers of the new era.