Another award goes to Fenghai
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Another award goes to Fenghai company's Project in Zhaoshu Island of Sansha City

Jiangsu Fenghai's “Wind, Solar and Stored Power Complementary Smart Micro-grid Seawater Desalination Project” won the 2018 China Power Quality Engineering Award.

It is understood that the "China Power Quality Engineering Award" is the highest honor for the engineering quality of China's power construction industry. An annual review activity is organized and implemented by the China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association. The comprehensive indicators of the quality of the award-winning project represent the advanced level among domestic similar projects in the same period. The "China Power Quality Engineering Award" is organized and applied in accordance with the principle of voluntary for enterprises, and is carried out according to the procedures of application, on-site review, meeting evaluation, qualification and approval, etc.

The wind-solar complementary containerized micro-grid seawater desalination system is a small-scale complete set of equipment developed and put on the market by Jiangsu Fenghai according to the design and operation experience of the 10,000m3/day project. It is divided into two modules: new energy power generation and seawater desalination. The system uses two renewable energy sources, wind and solar for seawater desalination, which complements each other's advantages and realizes black start and remote monitoring of system operation without diesel generator; the micro-grid control system converts the unstable power generation of new energy into stable electric energy and supplies desalination equipment.

Wind, Solar and Stored Power Complementary Intelligent Micro-grid Seawater Desalination Project in Zhaoshu Island, Sansha City