China-U.A.E investment policy exchange meeting in Abu Dhabi
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On the afternoon of April 19, local time, the investment policy exchange meeting of China – U.A.E Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone was held in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. More than 150 delegates from the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, relevant local government departments, Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial SASAC and other relevant departments, as well as provincial key parks and enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting also attracted a number of international media interviews such as Reuters.
The President of the Port of Abu Dhabi, Mr. Shamis, pointed out that with the joint promotion of the governments of China and U.A.E, the cooperation between the two countries in various fields has deepened, and economic and trade cooperation is on the fast lane. The U.A.E enjoys superior geographical location and booming industrial development. The current diversified development strategy advocated by the U.A.E is very consistent with the “Belt and Road” initiative of China, and the cooperation space between the two sides is very broad.

He Song, Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in U.A.E, said that the current mode of economic cooperation between China and U.A.E has changed from laying equal stress on trade and investment to investment-led trade. The establishment of the “Belt and Road” between the two countries has yielded fruitful results. The China - U.A.E Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone, which is linked by the states, set up by the governments and operated by enterprises, meets the common demand of complementary advantages of China - U.A.E capacity, and will set a model for China’s capacity cooperation with the Middle East region. Enterprises in the demonstration zone to carry out investment are conducive to effectively deal with trade barriers, and further explore the Middle East, Africa market. It is hoped that the two sides will hold more such activities in the future to help enterprises fully understand the business environment of the U.A.E, promote more Chinese enterprises to join the demonstration zone.
Hao Sihuan, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Provincial Oversea Cooperation Investment and Company Limited, said that it is the general trend for Chinese enterprises to carry out “Belt and Road” investment cooperation overseas and it is particularly important for enterprises to choose a good destination when they invest overseas. And joining the China - U.A.E Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone is the best choice for overseas investment. The construction of demonstration zone has received strong support from the two governments. It has comprehensive advantages in terms of weather, location, people, and other aspects with the government promotion, state-owned enterprises setting up the stage, and market-oriented operations.

Leaders and experts from ten government departments, including Abu Dhabi City Hall, Customs, Urban Planning, Transportation, Environmental Protection and Investment Bureau, were invited to participate in the event. Through interactive question and answer, the investment policy of the U.A.E was interpreted in depth, and on-site answers were given to the issues of concern to the Chinese business representatives attending the event.
At the meeting, under the witness of Mr. Shamisi and Director Liang Zhongwei of the Foreign Investment Department of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Luo Hua, Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Oversea Cooperation Investment and Company Limited, signed a framework agreement for investment in the zone with three enterprises, namely Nantong Suzhong Construction Group Co., Ltd., Lianyungang AnLun Oilfield Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Seawater Desalination Development Co., Ltd.