Ocean Aqua sponsors Jinhu Marathon
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On April 15th, an ordinary weekend, the sun shone on Gaoyou Lake, we could not help recalling whether we had missed the spring of Gaoyou Lake or the beautiful season of Baima Lake, etc.
At 8:30 in the morning, 11,000 runners leaped out of the starting line with the gunshot and galloped on the new track in which Jinhu’s beautiful scenery and cultural scenery merged. Immersed in the infinite scenery of Jinhu, they raced with time with faith and perseverance.
After more than one hour of fierce competition, the Men’s Half Marathon Champion was won by Marguchi Jackson from Kenya with a score of 1:08:15. China’s Chen Muzi won the third place; Ethiopian player Jeff Aidan Tesfaye won the Women’s Half Marathon Champion. Wang Changhong and Sun Xuan from China took the second and the third place respectively.
The Ocean Aqua pure water originating from the shore of the Yellow Sea and the Jinhu Marathon Association jointly helped run the “2018 Jinhu International Half Marathon” competition. “Ocean Aqua” has set up a total of ten post-race supply points, providing pure and sweet water for all running lovers. At the same time, it provides free drinking water to the general public, publicizes the knowledge of seawater desalination and the concept of green development to strengthen people’s awareness of water conservation, and encourages to drink Ocean Aqua and save fresh water resources!