Rush to disaster areas
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We reached out our warm hands to tornado stricken areas.

On June 23rd, a precipitated tornado changed the destiny of many people in Yancheng region. At about 15:00 on 13th, strong thunder and lightning, hail, tornado, a series of natural disasters took place in Funing, Sheyang in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, causing 99 deaths and 846 injuries.

When ruthless natural disasters struck, help came from all sides. The Party Central Committee and the State Council had attached great importance after the disasters took place. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the State President, the Central Military Commission Chaiman Xi Jinping who was visiting and attending SCO Summit in Uzbekistan made important instructions that the State Council must dispatch working team to the disaster area guiding the rescue and relief work, and care about the victims on the behalf of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The team must spare no efforts to be well organized to rescue the injured and cut down the number of casualties to the lowest as well as deal with the aftermath of the disaster and the resettlement for the victims. The relevant places and departments must strength weather monitoring and forecasting and geological disaster assessment work, etc. In addition, serious and major natural disasters precaution and treatment work must be done to guarantee the life and property safety of the masses.

Li Keqiang, the member of standing committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and premier of the State Council, made instruction that survivor search and the treatment on the wounded must be done well and the consequence of the disaster must be verified in time to help the victims back to normal life and production activities. The Ministry of Civil Affairs should take the lead to establish the working team of the State Council, heading for the disaster site to guide the relief work. The relevant parties must guide, supervise and urge the locals to do precaution and solution work to extreme weather practically to reduce the loss caused by disasters to the largest extent.

Our country urgently started Ⅲ class disaster relief emergency. All sectors of society gave active response and spared no efforts to rush to Yancheng for rescue work. On the night of 23rd, our sales department received an order from the government agencies of all counties and cities as relief supplies. For timely supply, trucks of OCEAN AQUA were sent to Funing and Sheyang at the same night under the arrangement of our sales department and financial department. And on the morning of 24th, our leader who was far away in Beijing immediately arranged the sales department and planning department to send 600 cartons of OCEAN AQUA purified water to the disaster area after learning the drinking water shortage troubles there.

The retinue went to Funing along with the trucks. The trucks loaded with relief goods were seen all about and occupied the whole street. They were trucks throughout the country loaded with instant noodles, canned porridge, quilts, etc. The officers and volunteers from all places were gathering at the disaster area to help the victims out of the troubles. Positive energy was seen all the way and many selfless contribution hearts stimulated the enthusiasm for disaster relief, gradually melting the freezing cruel disaster and letting the people in disaster area feel the care and warmth. When disaster struck, help came from all sides. The world is always filled with warmth.

On the midnight of June 24th, our planning department and sales department successively received the urgent notice from the district leaders that the drinking water in disaster area was in severe shortage and required immediate support. To save every second and minute in the rescue and relief work, at the same night our sales manager Mr. Wu dispatched three 10T trucks to transport 3,600 cartons OCEAN AQUA purified water to Funing, Sheyang and other regions severely hit by disasters.

Funing and Sheyang were in a state of devastation. The fractured signal tower, dilapidated houses, broken trees were seen everywhere. People who had never been to the disaster area can hardly imagine the severity of the damage. The disaster relief goods were sent successively to resettlement sites through the close work of all departments.

In face of natural disasters, humans are so tiny and vulnerable while the heroes who throw themselves in disaster relief are so great. Let us put our palms together devoutly and pray for the disaster victims, wishing them step out of the shadow of disaster. Empathizing with victims, we will work together to help rebuild their home. We also wish the unfortunately dead people live well in another world.