Hainan project
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The first set of wind-solar power complementary new energy seawater desalination equipment of Jiangsu Fenghai company is shipped to Hainan.

At 9:30, November 20th, 2016, in the care and support of central and local government, the grand start shipment ceremony for the first set of wind-solar power complementary container type intelligent microgrid seawater desalination complete equipment was held in Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

The general manager Yang Hongxun, technical director Xu Weiguo attended this ceremony and spoke. Other attendees include the vice general manager Hang Junbing, Technical Research and Development Department manager Wang Fujia of Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and other company staff. This equipment set will be shipped to Hainan for the better service of Hainan construction.

The smooth delivery of this equipment promotes the development of new energy seawater desalination industry and embodies the persistent effort of Fenghai company.

Hainan project will be the starting point for Fenghai company to further make innovations, exploit broader seawater desalination market on islands, coastal regions, expand domestic brackish water desalination market and even the international market. New technologies will be developed continuously like thermal desalination by making use of light heat and marine waste heat, and new energy technologies like ocean energy. Innovation mechanism will be further created to emancipate the productive forces and stimulate talent vitality, forming the enterprise culture of much vim and vigor and full of talents. Successive efforts are determined to be put into promoting our national new energy seawater desalination industry to a higher level.

Working Scenes

To better improve the local fresh water supply, Fenghai company has been actively following up this project since its confirmation. According to the requirements of Hainan government and the local actual conditions, a proper layout has been designed for this project. Our general manager and technical director are watching the concrete progress of this project in person. Targeting safety, quality and efficiency, the staff of the technical development department and engineering department are constructing the project strictly even in extra working hours to ensure an earlier service date of the project. In the full efforts of the company staff, the equipment was successfully assembled at once and yielded water at our debugging base.

Loading Spot

On October 31st, 2016, when the R&D staff Zhu Jiaqi was working in company as usual, suddenly an urgent notice fell on him that he had to fly to Haikou that night to consult with Hainan Institute on this project. In addition, the general manager Mr. Yang and the technical director Mr. Xu also cancelled their original flight to Beijing and headed for Shanghai instead to take the flight to Haikou. During the trip, they even did not have time for supper. The Hainan project did not go very smoothly. The construction site and red lining were changing constantly. The frontline staff Zhu Jiaqi communicated and confirmed with the relevant parties over and over again during his stay in Hainan Designing Institute. Useful information was timely conveyed to leaders to guarantee the smooth progress of the project.

Due to the fact that hazardous articles including paints, chemical agents, argon tank, etc. are not allowed for loading, these articles need to be purchased from the local place. Upon receiving the notice, Zhu Jiaqi alone went about the streets and lanes of Haikou for these articles in the burning sun. Referring to the checklist, he looked for the relevant suppliers and compared their prices to save the cost. After several twists and turns, all necessities were bought finally. However, challenges are more than that. He had to send all these goods to the wharf over 100 kilometers away and no one was willing to do that business.

By November 24th, the vehicles that were loaded with our equipment were postponed at the wharf for a day. However, because of cold wave, strong wind and big waves, the booked vessel was not able to call the port. Therefore, the goods cannot be loaded for shipment. In the meanwhile, our equipment, wind turbine generator and water tanks all arrived at the wharf waiting for unloading. The delay of the trucks at the wharf will incur a big sum of cost including the charge for loss of working time, the parking cost of strange vehicles, the driver subsidies, altogether reaching up to tens of thousands yuan. To avoid extra charges, our leaders made a decision that the goods will be unloaded at the wharf waiting for the vessels and let the trucks go first. Upon receiving the notice, Zhu Jiaqi cancelled the accommodation in Haikou immediately and headed for Lingao County where the wharf is located in. In the meanwhile, he tried to contact trucks to deliver the goods to Lingao wharf. Due to cold wave and a run of rainstorm, the light cranes can hardly lift up our equipment, so we instantly contacted heavy cranes instead while unloaded the light goods by using available cranes. The environment there was extremely harsh without human habitation, let alone forklifts and other tools. Under the circumstance that all sets of necessary equipment were available, we loaded three trucks for over ten hours with the help of over ten people. But now there are four trucks in total for unloading including a truck loaded with wind turbine generator. With the assistance of drivers, all goods were successfully unloaded by 2:00 a.m. on 25th against the storm. At that present his clothes, shoes and socks were all soaked but he felt much relieved because all goods were finally received on time and no extra costs generated during the transportation. He had no complaints for all the difficulties he had experienced and said, “Today is Thanksgiving Day. I’ll cherish the sweating experience today. Thanks for myself that I still had the courage and strength to work through this stormy night. We’ll work even harder in the coming days!”

The first staff to step on the island

On November 13th, 2016, Mr. Mao Baifu from engineering department was the second to Hainan after Mr. Zhu Jiaqi at the request of project progressing and he is also the first staff to set foot on the target island. His job is to assist Hainan Institute in civil construction on the island where the project is to be implemented. After finishing the earlier-stage preparatory work, he took the steamer to YX Island and arrived after more than ten hours’ trip at the broad South China Sea. However, to reach the destination ZS Island, he had to take another 20 minutes’ speedboat. The blue seawater was a striking contrast to the island. He had to first stay in fisherman’s home temporarily before the goods arrived. And the fisherman’s house was quite humble. It was just a tent made of planks and covered by sunshade nets. Mice can be seen everywhere without any fear of human beings.

With no more time to study the environment here out of curiosity, Mao Baifu overcame the discomfort of seasick and quickly entered active working state. He checked the conditions of the project construction site, the installation position of the wind turbine, the use of cranes on the island together with their specifications, original seawater desalination equipment, water intake well position and its depth, etc. He also contacted the local management committee, which will be helpful for settling the problems of our later tent positioning, water and electricity use, food, accommodation. He did a good job during his work there. He kept the leaders well informed of the progress there and put forward questions in time for better solution. There are hardly any buildings for sheltering on the island and it is remote to cities. Compared with the high temperature in Haikou, it is even much hotter. However, no matter in the burning sun or rainstorms, he positively advertised for Fenghai company and made site investigation, sparing no efforts in the project construction always as the forefront staff. Though away from home and inland, he always wishes he could do his best to help provide the most beneficial guarantee for later installation regardless of the poor living conditions like biting awakened by mosquitoes, insects, mice and ants. And he always wishes to assist the construction team in the civil construction with his major. With his persistence, any hardship will not defeat him. The wind blows the cheek of this young man of only 23 years old, indicating that Fenghai will embrace a vigorous and bright future with many of such good staff.

In the past, we had Zhu Mao (short for Zhu De and Mao Zedong) head for Jinggang Mountain for revolution and now we also have Zhu Mao (short for Zhu Jiaqi and Mao Baifu) go to Hainan entrusted with important tasks. With the two staff taking the lead, we believe the Hainan project will be a big success!