Shi Heping inspected SWRO project
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Shi Heping leads relevant department heads to SWRO project.

On August 24th, 2014,the deputy provincial governor of Jiangsu Shi Heping leads relevant department heads to inspect the construction of seawater desalination demonstration project in Dafeng.

China is a country scarce in fresh water resource and developing seawater desalination industry becomes an important approach to resolve that shortage. Dafeng District in Yancheng is endowed with abundant wind energy and seawater resources. Utilizing new energies like wind energy for seawater desalination can not only overcome the defects in traditional seawater desalination, but also extend the space for new energy application and hence it is expected to have broad development prospects and carries important strategic meaning.

The significance of off-grid seawater desalination demonstration project lies in the fact that it directly integrates wind power generation with seawater desalination. The technological integration not only solves the difficulty of connecting renewable energies to grid power, but effectively settles the environmental protection problem caused by traditional seawater desalination industry. It is a perfect combination of new energy industries and high energy-consuming industries, which is able to supply human beings with inexhaustible and endless clean drinkable water.