Acceptance check of Indonesia project
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The SWRO equipment set has passed acceptance check in Fenghai.

On December 31st, 2015, the preliminary inspection ceremony for the delivery of the first seawater desalination equipment set that exports to Indonesia was successfully held at the research centre of Fenghai company and an agreement was reached and signed there.

This time JWD-100/150-F container type microgrid seawater desalination integrated system that exports to Indonesia is self-developed by Jiangsu Fenghai company, which is composed of a set of 100KW and a set of 30KW permanent magnet direct driven wind turbine generator providing clean energy. The wind turbine generation set, PCS, lithium battery energy storage system, energy management control system all together constitute microgrid power supply system. It adopts ultrafiltration, primary and secondary RO process, which is able to produce 100T fresh water per day and 150KW electricity per hour. The system is independent of grid power by directly converting clean energies like wind energy and solar energy into electricity for water production, which supports overall transportation. Furthermore, it can be assembled rapidly and no field debugging is required.

The success of selling the first set of seawater desalination equipment to Indonesia provides a strong support for Jiangsu Fenghai company to join itself in the communication and promotion of technological innovations as well as the further boost of our national new energy seawater desalination industry by fully exerting its advantages in resources and technologies.